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2017-10-07 05:37 pm


 Enjoyed it a lot. It was interesting to observe how aesthetics of 80's organically evolved in the form acceptable for the modern viewer. I approve cast, soundtrack, and visual decisions. The fabula, perhaps, is a little bit naive, but the emotions behind it are true and eternal.

Un excellent exemple de thriller psychologique. L'enquête sur le cas du tueur en série amène la policière à la connaissance du psychiatre inhabituel. Ensemble, ils ouvrent beaucoup de portes fermées, découvrant les secrets sombres reliés aux hauts échelons du pouvoir - et leur propre passé.

Współczesny polski serial telewizyjny. Ciekawe okazję poznać spojrzenie za kulisy teatru, który miałem przyjemność odwiedzić w Warszawie. Bohemskie życie aktorów, jak opinia publiczna go sobie wyobraża, często nie ma nic wspólnego z rzeczywistością. Wzajemne relacje i konflikty w zespole teatralnym po przybyciu nowego dyrektora teatru. 
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2017-09-12 12:40 am

Berlin Station


Perhaps the best thing that has happened to a spy thriller since the first seasons of the Homeland and the Americans.

The series is good not only as a psychological game that keeps a viewer in suspense, and not only grâce à pleiad of excellent actors.

The central question of the series: how far can you go in an attempt to protect the state interests? And at what point does the pursuit of security become the source of this very danger?

This theme is consonant with the book I am currently reading: Save civil rights: freedom and safety by Gerhart Baum.

Baum is a German politician and lawyer. His tenure as a Federal Minister of the Interior coincided with the pick of activities of the infamous RAF, Rote Armee Fraktion. So he was obliged not in theory, but in practice to carry out the massive counter-terrorism campaign – and in the same time to guarde the constitutional rights of citizens, not to allow security measures to infringe civil freedom.

In the series, German workers of BfV (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution), as well as their American counterparts, very often violate the boundary between acceptable and unacceptable (to be fair, it is sometimes very blurred). And this leads to grave and unpredictable consequences.

So I recommend this series not only as entertainment, but also as a food for reflection.  It is especially relevant in our time, when the war on terror becomes more and more extensive.

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2017-09-02 08:13 pm


Потужний фільм. Дуже раджу. Радий, що є таке наше кіно. І за тематикою - і за якістю.


 A truly powerful Ukrainian movie based on real events.

An officer of UPA (Ukrainska Povstanska Armiia - Ukrainian Insurgent Army) was trapped in the living hell of Stalin's concentration camps but managed to survived with human dignity and will to freedom - and to organized an uprising of political prisoners.
Strongly recommended.

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2017-07-06 10:10 am

Timothy Snyder: Germany's Historical Responsibility For Ukraine

'If one wants seriously take Germany's responsibility for the East, the word "Ukraine" should be in the first sentence.'

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2017-01-04 09:42 pm

Efter brylluppet (2006)


And this is first movie of the year. I love scandinavian cinema, it has its own grim charm. And I like a lot Mads Mikkelsen, I noticed this actor as Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, after this was absolutely brilliant performance in Hannibal (tv series) - and these are quite big shoes to fill after Anthony Hopkins! Recently I watched another Danish movie with him as a main character (Flammen & Citronen (2008) - about resistance group during WWII). And now - this one. The psycological drama about life, death, love, and consequences of our actions, even unpredictable ones.
Also I would like to mark playing of Sidse Babett Knudsen, I've already seen this actress in Borgen and Westworld.
It's neither an action nor a thriller, but if you like to think a little about your way of life and goals (especially in the time of NY resolutions) I would definitely recommend you this movie.

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2017-01-04 09:20 pm

First book of this year


This book broke my heart - and healed it in the same time. I cannot recall previous time when I cried during reading the fiction, but this book did it to me. It's sad, charming, and fascinating. 

I'm so grateful to my sister for this gift and I'm so glad I've read this novel in the beginning of the year to remind myself about those important things which make our life truly meaningful.
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2016-11-24 11:37 am

the price is just too high

Yesterday, while reading the article about English nationalist who killed MP Jo Cox before the Brexit referendum, claiming that she is a traitor and people’s enemy and he wants, by this assasination, to re-establish old glory of Great Britain – I was thinking about the past. How often the past catches all our attention and resources, and forbids us to think about future. How often some people want to speculate on this, pursuing their own private goals. I see this only too well in my own country… and here, in Poland. And in France. And in the US. And… You can prolongate this list endlessly. And I remember these words from Ulysses by Alexander Pope:

Thus solemn rites and holy vows we paid
To all the phantom nations of the dead.

We are paying. But sometimes the price is just too high.
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2016-11-21 11:18 pm

the genius predicted even this

“I opened the packet and extracted the cards. They were on the order of tarots, with their wands, pentacles, cups, and swords, but the Greater Trumps were quite different…
“They were almost lifelike in appearance, the Greater Trumps ready to step right out through those glistening surfaces…”

— Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny

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2016-11-14 09:49 pm

veritas vincere


Саксонській Сад, Варшава
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2016-11-11 11:52 pm

you’ll never be there

and you know it

you know it perfectly well

but still you’re going

keep going

without stops


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2016-06-28 12:13 pm


З Днем Конституції!

З усіма Її недоліками - а ніщо живе не є досконалим - Вона у нас є. І Її 5-а стаття, що була гаслом та натхненням революційних подій, продовжує і далі нагадувати громадянам, що у нас є права і свободи - і за них можна і треба боротися.

Ми не схотіли йти туди, де Конституція - вже давно просто папірець, об який витирає ноги кожен омоновець. Ми пішли в протилежному напрямку. Хай це і непростий Шлях, але це того варте.

А за волю, хоч умріте,
І вольності бороніте.
Нехай вічна буде слава -
Же през шаблю маєм права!
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2016-06-20 07:32 pm

Сонечне Колесо обертається

Сьогодні Літній Сонцеворот та ще й Повня вночі! Вітаю всіх братів та сестер зі Святом! Хай новий Сонячний Рік несе нам нові здобутки!
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2016-06-16 02:58 pm

it's a Bloomsday, babe, it's a Bloomsday

"...я была девушкой и Горным цветком да когда я приколола в волосы розу как делают андалузские девушки или алую мне приколоть да и как он целовал меня под Мавританской стеной и я подумала не все ли равно он или другой и тогда я сказала ему глазами чтобы он снова спросил да и тогда он спросил меня не хочу ли я да сказать да мой горный цветок и сначала я обвила его руками да и привлекла к себе так что он почувствовал мои груди их аромат да и сердце у него колотилось безумно и да я сказала да я хочу Да."
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2016-06-16 01:00 am

upstart crow

В шести мини-сериях британцы очень смешно и по-доброму шутят о своём национальном гении.

И с сохранением всех исторических деталей, что немаловажно!

an upstart Crow, beautified with our feathers )